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Our Freedom Fashion Team In support of Dressember, a global movement to stop human trafficking, I joined a group of women and men committed to ending human trafficking, the global sex trade, and slavery worldwide. January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month and our work continues through the month of January. From aiding in the funding of a rescue operation, supplying immediate urgent needs of the victims, to aftercare counseling and support, the cost of rescue and aftercare is as staggering as the number of victims which today is set at 30 million people worldwide. The requirement as a fundraiser was a commitment to wear a dress every day in December to raise awareness and money for this incredible global movement. Our Dressember team name is Freedom Fashion, and our team fundraising $ donation and information link is here. All donations are tax deductible. We have already as a team raised $9,000 which will fund a rescue mission and 72 hours of aftercare for the rescued victims. Now we are working through the month of January toward our new goal of $10,000. But there is also another way to donate to Dressember. For the month of January, 20% of the sale of each of the eco conscious, limited edition and one-of-a- kind Deborah Lindquist and Green Queen dresses on the websites is a donation to Dressember. See Ceo and founder Blythe Hill as she shares her story on how wearing a dress can change the world on this link. “Something that started as a simple idea became a global movement that created a pathway for not just me, but thousands of women to put a stop to one of the greatest injustices of our time. ” — Blythe hill, ceo + founder Pictured here: Deborah Lindquist, Sonia Maslovskaya, Stacey Brown, Melissa Melendres, Rebecca Reynolds Hammond, Monet Grzecka, Joy Collins Brodt, Jocelyn White.

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