Serendipity, Rob the Mob, Love & the Gun, and Tamela d'Amico

cassandra dress love & the gun rob the mob tamela d'amico

Photo by Anjani Lynn White

“I’m recording the music video for a new movie, and the producers want me to look like this.” Tamela D’Amico showed me a photo of a woman in a red bustier dress. “ I told them that I might already know this designer…..”


Serendipity is such a wonderful, magical thing. Sure enough, the red bustier dress in the photo was mine.

The singer, actress, & producer Tamela D’Amico and I met a few years ago when I supplied some wardrobe for her photoshoot. She often wears my eco couture gowns and bustiers for her jazz performances and other public appearances and events, and even walked the catwalk in one of my fashion shows. She looks beautiful in my clothing and I love collaborating with her.

So I knew the red hemp/silk and beaded vintage lace mermaid “Cassandra” dress would not only fit her like a glove but look amazing in what would be a 1920’s styled music video.

Photos by Jimmy Hoyson

From the movie Rob the Mob, her sultry performance of the song “Love and the Gun”  is shot in retro-vibe black and white, with the camera zooming in on every detail of my  dress. As Tamela remarked, “it’s almost a fashion video of your dress!” I couldn’t be happier.  See the music video here:

“Love and the Gun” from Rob the Mob is composed by Stephen Endelman and Raymond De Felitta, produced by Stephen Endelman and Jimmy Hoyson.


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