The Green Prom Project

My grand-niece Alice Lindgren (I became auntie to her mom Christine when I was just 11 years old) is a pretty cool young lady. Not only can she sing, act, skate, and run fast, she is also on a growing list of people doing good for the planet. Held at the Barn Theater in Willmar, Minnesota, (a community theater originally built in a real barn) Alice organized a green prom dress project, with a fashion show modeled by girls wearing re-designed prom dresses, created by ladies in the local Willmar community and also 1 by me.     The event turned out great, and the young ladies all looked beautiful in their "green" prom dresses.  Everything in life starts from a creative idea, and I'm so proud of Alice and her own creative idea and its success. Way to go Alice! Thanks for including me and thanks for helping to save your planet!  Live Green and Prosper xo

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