The Sand Dune

ball gown eco fashion eco friendly indian sari dress vintage kimono



“Run up and down this sand dune” he says.

In a ballgown the color of the sun on a scorching hot summer day, exotic, leggy model Lupe Felix did what photographer Joseph Diez instructed, and looked beautiful every step of the way.

Not an easy task, in sand so hot it scorched our feet. But there we were– me as a human wardrobe rack with the next looks in my arms, Lupe looking fabulous (with a great attitude!), cars whizzing by the ocean on PCH, clear blue sky, and Joe capturing fabulous photos. It’s the glamorous world of fashion….I’m in love with this shoot.

Lupe is wearing a ballgown made of vintage sari fabric and silk organza, with a one of a kind bomber jacket of vintage kimono. (bomber is my own personal piece)
Model: Lupe Felix Photographer: Joseph Diez Clothing & Styling: Deborah Lindquist Eco Couture

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