How to go outdoors

How to dress when going outdoors is certainly different for most of us. The new directive of "Cover your face or you'll pay $1000"  is what we have in Los Angeles.  Maybe this is your mandate too depending on where you live.

In any case, some new ideas are necessary. My theory is, if we have to cover our faces we may as well look cool.

Here is what's new. Click on the images to be directed to the product pages.

buy one give one mask


A second category of "Buy One / Give One" masks has just been added to accommodate new variations on the concert theme.



silk masks


Beautiful silk print scraps from our clothing line have now been turned into masks with pockets inside to add filters if desired.

Kids sizes  will be online shortly. Here is a sneakpeek while we doublecheck size and fit on minis.

And some white linen masks with filter pockets are also in the works, designed with our nurses in mind. 

hand sanitizer

Finally, as a sustainable urban gardener and farmer's daughter, I grow vegetables and useful herbs for cooking.  But I have a particular green thumb when it comes to succulents. I realize my aloe is quite useful and while I haven't made good use of it in the past, I am now. It's one of the ingredients in my hand sanitizer along with lavender, also in my garden. Now available in the personal care category.

Thank you for supporting our sustainable lifestyle work. Be well. Click here to be directed to the home page.