Our Own Safe and Balanced Lifestyle

Creating a new and safe reality for ourselves has been our job lately. The Covid virus has sent some into a firm resolve to get through it, others into fear. In spite of the challenges we are facing, our work is to live a happy life, find balance in chaos. 

balance nina

Whatever your exercise routine has been, its probably gone through a readjustment too. Meditate, do yoga, run, weightlift, do cardio routines online. Endorphins are transformative. Our vegan Green Queen brand is focused on luxury basics and active lifestyle in sustainable and organic fabrics.

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What we have in common is that we are in this together. I've come to realize that my own health and well being is for the most part up to me. And maybe you see it the same way.

As a sustainable designer its perhaps easier for me to see what I can make out of what I have. You may know I do this all the time creating clothing and accessories with upcycled fabrics, unusual sustainable fabrics, and more. Most of my suppliers are closed as they are considered non-essential. So while my supply chain is limited, my ability to create something new is not.

With that in mind I've designed a personal care category which includes masks of various designs, along with a very new category made from ingredient in my garden, hand sanitizer. 

A percentage of your purchase is donated to nonprofits that share our desire to support the health and well being of all life on our planet and to live sustainably. To find out more about the nonprofits we support, click here.

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