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This year our wardrobe needs have changed. For many of us that may be putting it mildly. The restrictions implemented on our personal life and our businesses because of Covid has changed our lives and maybe even our outlook on life.

Athleisure is great until we're tired of it, and professional dressing or even dressing up at all seems out of reach or unreasonable. As a designer, I still want to dress up in something pulled together, even if I see few people I know when I'm running errands and that the list of people  who will actually say "I love what you're wearing!" is smaller.

Fashion has an emotional aspect to it. I think if we dress up a bit, albeit comfortably, we feel better about life. I know I do.

2020 Summer/Fall transition Mixed Prints:

jerry wrap pantOur models are wearing the Lizzy Flutter Top with the Jerry Wrap Pant , pieces from our Vegan Green Queen Group, and accessorized with our upcycled leather bags. Shop the Lizzy Top in the Blouses and Jackets category by clicking on the photo above.

I've been thinking alot about how sustainability should move forward for my ethical brands. My chosen fabrications have consistently been organic, sustainable, and upcycled. And those fabric category choices will continue. (You can read more about my fabrics here. ) But I've become increasingly excited by deadstock, a sustainable fabric category I feel is more important than ever.

Deadstock fabrics are left over/end of production rolls or excess textile inventory. These fabrics are stored, discarded, or in our case, rescued. We love beautiful, artistic fabrics, and we pick the fabrics which best fit our design and ethical philisophy to create limited availability deadstock capsule collections. 

Deadstock collections are limited edition or one of a kind depending on fabric availability. 

Getting to the Point:skirts and pants in polkadotSeparates like blouses and skirts, t-shirts and flowy pants make creating a  fashionable look with the accessory of the season, "The Mask" is easy and effortless. We have a wide variety of masks in our vintage and deadstock prints to beautifully coordinate with our capsule collections, and newly added, special occasion and bridal masks.

Our models are wearing the Stevie Blouse, Pamela Wrap Skirt, Jerry Wrap Pant, and accessorized with our Silk Print Masks.

Add a Jacket:

jerry wrap pantAs the temperature turns cooler, Layer a jacket over our multiseason favorites, The Racquel Bias Skirt or the Jerry Wrap Pant. Shop our jackets here.

The Jerry Pant is a "One Size Fits Most " pant. The multisize idea is kind of perfect for many of us as our schedules got upended earlier this year, workouts included.

See the "How to wear the Jerry Wrap Pant" video demo below. Our model is wearing the Britt Bodysuit  from our Green Queen Vegan Basics Collection in olive.  

How to wear the Jerry Wrap Pant:

The Brittany Mini Wrap Short:

The Brittany Wrap Short is the mini version of our Jerry Wrap Pant. Wear it with one of our body conscious t-shirts, or over a bodysuit  or swim suit during the hot summer days. Click the photo for the product image,

brittany short

Put it all together in motion: