Cinderella, A Love Story

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    I recently did a photoshoot of my own version of Cinderella. Since wedding dresses have been a main focus of mine lately, I thought it would be fun to shoot a fairytale love story.Kassidy Fischer is Cinderella, Danielle Burt is the Fairy Godmother who casts the spell that changes the lonely girl in rags into a beautiful woman, and Oliver Goodwill is the handsome prince who falls in love with Cinderella. I wrote a little storybook and created a video about the story of finding your own true love and believing in your dreams. See the video Above. And see the lookbook here. Models: Kassidy Fischer, Danielle Burt, Oliver Goodwill. Photographer: Mariel Hannah. Glass Slipper: Mink Shoes. Jewelry: Paula Cain Lerner. Men's Clothing: Clade Menswear. Soundtrack: Suzanne Teng, Darjelling Sunrise. Editing: Deborah Lindquist