High Fashion-The Popularity of Cannabis in Fashion

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High Fashion-The Popularity of Cannabis in Fashion

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Cannabis is undoubtedly a hot topic today. In celebration of its place in the fashion, beauty, and home decorative industries, I've been chosen to be a featured speaker at The State of Cannabis, a conference on all things related to cannabis. Join us for this inspirational, informative,and entertaining panel discussion on Tuesday, September 25 from 1:45-2:45 on the historic Queen Mary, one of the greatest passenger ships ever built. Speakers from fashion, beauty, and home decorative brands will come together to speak about this hot new trend. Find out more information about our panel and its featured speakers here. You may know I have a thing for appliques, which I use to embellish all kinds of clothing, accessories, and home decorative items. Cashmere is where it all started, and since about 2004, I have rescued many discarded vintage cashmere sweaters and reincarnated them into new versions of themselves. I think the hemp leaf is beautiful and started to appliqué scarves, fingerless gloves, and sweaters with them a few years ago. [gallery link="file" size="large" ids="20323,20324,20325"] Today the leaf is more popular than ever before. As noted in the press, the leaf itself has become a fashion trend and has been showing up on fashion week runways. See our feature in The Cannifornian You'll also see it in some of my home decorative accessories designed to coordinate with my hygge-themed reincarnated cashmere throws. [gallery link="file" size="large" ids="20316,20332,20334"] And as appliques on my recycled leather fringed cross body/belt bags. [gallery link="file" size="large" ids="20338,20340,20339"] The leaf is somewhat newly trendy from a fashion standpoint, but since about 2004 I've been using hemp fabrics in my designs, from skirts, trousers, and blouses to red carpet and wedding gowns. [gallery link="file" size="large" ids="20342,20347,20346"] Hemp is my favorite sustainable fabric for many reasons. Hemp is one of the earliest and fastest growing domesticated plants known, and is an environmentally friendly crop as it is naturally pest resistant, anti fungal, and requires no herbicides to grow quickly. Hemp is similar to linen in its look and feel, and only water is needed to break down the “bast” fibers into usable fibers for fabric. For more information about hemp as well as other eco fabrics in my lines, see this link. And see my interview about sustainable fashion on Gaia. Sustainability in fashion is more important today than ever before, as the fashion industry has become one of the major polluters of the environment. The embracement of fast fashion by the masses has pushed fashion into one of the top 5 major polluters of the environment. This needs to change. I design my collections using a blend of upcycled and sustainable or organic fabrics to create a unique, high fashion line that is socially responsible and environmentally conscious. The term “environmentally conscious” describes the materials used, how those materials are cultivated, and also the manufacturing process. Organic fabrics are grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides, sustainable fabrics implement earth friendly processing, and upcycled fabrics are post-consumer items “reincarnated” into new garments. All designs are produced individually in our Los Angeles studio, thereby reducing our carbon footprint and insuring a higher standard of workmanship. Hemp has been my favorite for many years. It is one of the best sustainable crops today and its use has become widespread through many industries as well as fashion. How to make a difference with your own buying habits? Make it a point to buy less and buy better. Support sustainable businesses, and ask for more transparency from the brands you do buy. I'll post more about sustainability in fashion at another time. Its sister plant, Cannabis is the major topic of our State of Cannabis conference. As the health of our planet and the heath of the people who live on it are of major concern today, cannabis as a medicinal plant has become one of the most talked about natural remedies for pain, anxiety, seizures, and more, and has been used to in cancer management therapies. See my blog about my beautiful friend Stefanie Larue who used CBD to help manage her tumors and the Survivor Campaign, an underwater photo series featuring breast cancer survivors. Stefanie lost her battle with stage 4 breast cancer, but her activism and fearlessness in battling this disease has inspired many. She was a true friend and I miss her. Her Facebook post "we are not criminals" is inspiring. Please join us for the State of Cannabis Conference Sept 25-26. And for more press features and information about my work with hemp, see these links below. The Cannabis Reporter Voyage LA Renee Loux Verte Luxe Tree Hugger Today Eco Fashion Talk Feel Good Style Mother Nature Network Green Living Guy My Worth Style Wedded Wonderland Music By Design "Save Your Planet. Live Green and Prosper"

Size Chart

Women’s measurements in inches:
Size Bust Waist Hip
XS(0-2) 30-32″ 23-25″ 32-34″
S (4-6) 33-35″ 26-28″ 35-37″
M (8-10) 36-37″ 30-32″ 38-40
L (12-14) 38-40″ 33-35″ 41-43″

Women’s measurements in centimeters
Size Bust Waist Hip
XS(0-2) 76-81 58-64 81-86
S (4-6) 84-89 66-71 89-94
M (8-10) 91-94 76-81 97-102
L (12-14) 97-102 84-89 104-109

Bra Sizes for Bustiers and Gowns: 32-36 B,C,D.
Special sizes available upon request.