Rock Your Inner Elvira

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When I first moved to Los Angeles, I was fascinated by the altars depicting skeletons sitting at a table having tea, laying in bed together and dressing up in hats carrying shopping bags, among other scenarios. It looked a little creepy to me, but so theatrically artistic. I came to realize that the profound, fearful and romantic rite of passage into the spirit world is one of such wonder and amazement that we create art to better understand and celebrate it. Read more here on Huffpost Style:   I decided to celebrate it a bit myself, along with a talented and creative crew to create some dark looks fit for All Hallows Eve. Model: Kassidy Fischer, Photographer: Chika Ozakumi, Makeup and Hair: Eugene Conde.   [gallery link="file" ids="4571,4577,4579,4580,4581,4582,4583,4584,4585"] Happy Halloween &  Dia De Los Muertos everyone!