The Color Green, St Patrick's Day, & The End of the Rainbow-Via Huffpost

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Photo of Ingrid Haubert by Pattie Traynor When the Empire State Building changed its lights to Green, I felt it may be safer to stay indoors. I launched my business in Manhattan during the 80's and on St Patrick's day, people would get a little too crazy with the green beer, or whatever green substance was being swigged. But no matter where you live, there are tales of leprechauns being involved in the mischief of this Irish-American Holiday.Read my post from Huffington post below. The Color Green, St Patrick's Day, & The End of the Rainbow-Via Huffington Post If I don't wear green on St. Patrick's day, will I get pinched? What about the pot of gold? According to Irish folklore, mischievous leprechauns from the "Emerald Isle" were the ones who started the pinching tradition. Children put it into practice but, to be safe, wear green on this month's Irish-American holiday named St. Patrick's Day. As legend has it, the color makes you invisible to those cranky leprechauns, with the added benefit of making it easer to catch one and be led to the end of the rainbow, where surely enough you will find a pot of gold. And who wouldn't like that? What color green doesn't really matter, to my knowledge. I say wear whatever green looks good on you From the brightest green to the dusty sage, there is a perfect shade of green for you. Read more here: