Wallpaper Stories

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Wallpaper Stories

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"If these walls could talk." We've probably all heard this saying before, and no matter where it originally came from, I believe if you listen closely you may be able to hear the stories they tell.

Not long ago I was introduced to a house full of stories. I've transformed many homes in my life but this one has become an unusual, complex design project and is a study of transformation. I have to admit I didn't always see much beauty in the walls inside the house. Some were covered in damaged, peeling wallpaper, and some were an absolute symphony of intense, dark pattern and color. I knew the wallpaper had to go but it wasn't long before what I initially saw as unattractive became artistic and beautiful.

I called on some of my talented, creative friends-- photographers, makeup artists, hair artists, and models to create editorial photoshoots using the house and gardens as the location. I love how each shoot is unique to the collective vision of the artists involved.

One of a kind bustiers, dresses, and a pool party look are featured in the collaboration with  Photographers from Fifth District. Model Kelli Kickham is wearing gowns created with vintage flowers,  vintage lace, and embroidered vintage fabrics found in trunks in "the house". The pool party look is a retro swim suit in vintage kimono and organic cotton spandex.  Makeup and Hair by Brandy Michele Adams. 

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The collaboration with Voir Artist is a true work of art. Models Aly Lovelace and Lena Hikaru are transformed into vintage era Sirens through the makeup artistry by Melody Konstanti and hair by Laquisha Seams. Corsets made of vintage beaded wool and vintage kimono are paired with English net skirts to create romantic, one of a kind looks.

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A bit of levitation, music, dance and punk is the theme for the collaboration with Photographer Jenn Spain, Yogini Model Sam Bianchini, and Makeup and Hair artist Betsy di Francesca. Looks are one of a kind beaded wool bustiers and gowns, with a vintage plaid punk rock bustier to compliment the plaid wallpaper. I once considered the plaid to be the least attractive wallpaper in the house, but my fondness for NYC east village punk rockers made me love it.

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I love the story these walls told through the eyes of my creative friends, and am so happy that I found beauty in them.

All looks are one of a kind and can be found in the Special Occasion and Bustiers section of the website.

Size Chart

Women’s measurements in inches:
Size Bust Waist Hip
XS(0-2) 30-32″ 23-25″ 32-34″
S (4-6) 33-35″ 26-28″ 35-37″
M (8-10) 36-37″ 30-32″ 38-40
L (12-14) 38-40″ 33-35″ 41-43″

Women’s measurements in centimeters
Size Bust Waist Hip
XS(0-2) 76-81 58-64 81-86
S (4-6) 84-89 66-71 89-94
M (8-10) 91-94 76-81 97-102
L (12-14) 97-102 84-89 104-109

Bra Sizes for Bustiers and Gowns: 32-36 B,C,D.
Special sizes available upon request.